About Our Gear

At RunLikeCrazy, we want to inspire more people to run more often...and of course, we want you to look good while you're running!

So check out our range of high quality running products that are being worn around the world.

If you see someone at your next event wearing our gear, make sure you say hi and tell them to RunLikeCrazy!

To help us spread the word, we want to capture people in all corners of the globe wearing our gear - doing fun, cheeky things in your hometown will also suffice! 

So, as part of our campaign to know 'WHERE'S THE BULL TODAY?', we encourage you to send us photo's of you with your Bull and tell us where you are. 

Please be be comfortable for these images to be used by RunLikeCrazy to promote our gear via our Website, Facebook or Twitter. Provide us with your details and we'll tag you! 

images can be sent to rebecca@runlikecrazy.com


Thanks for shopping at RunLikeCrazy. Enjoy your adventures!

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